Inbjudan Rött showmanship i Danmark 5-7 juli

Hej Vill du tävla i showmanship-anmält ditt intresse så snart som möjligt till

Invitation to Red Showmanship 2018 in Denmark

RDM look very much forward to have Red Showmanship 2018 and we hope very much to have two participants between 18 and 30 years from the countries Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, UK and Denmark.

The Red Showmanship will be a part of the Danish national show in Herning from Thursday the 5. of July to Saturday the 7. of July. There will be many other activities so we hope the participate from the Red Showmanship also well take part in them.


Wednesday the 4. of July: Arrival at Herning Messecenter at the afternoon. It is very close to a train stop. Information in the evening about the Red Showmanship and the other activities.

Thursday the 5. of July: Red Showmanship 12.00. It is only heifers in the showmanship.

Friday the 6. of July: Morning, maybe the possibility to show ”your” heifer in the normal heifer show. Afternoon the daughter groups (a competition for the young people). At the evening, there will be the big show party.

Saturday the 7. of July: 10.15 The national showmanship where it will be possible to participate and comped with the other breeds. In the afternoon it is time to go home. The show close 17.00 but you are welcome to leave before (the national showmanship is finished 12.00).

The participates will stay in caravans like most of the people at the national show also will do. Each country will get their own caravan and they will get meals together with the people working at the national show. RDM will pay for the accommodation and meals while each country pay for the transportation.

If you have any questions or comments you are welcome to contact RDMs secretary:

Jakob Lykke Voergaard

+45 40 44 11 35

Anmälan senast 10 juni till Maria Brihall 0702078731 eller Lina Ragnarsson 0511-26798

More information will be send directly to the participates before the show

We look very much forward to the show


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