Idag presenterar vi resultaten i klassen för andrakalvarna. Nedan redovisas domarens motivering för alla placeringar i klassen. Bilder och filmer på respektive ko finns under fliken ”Digital utställning”.

1: a: 1545 RAGNHILD, Jan Andersson, Solhem, Vadstena
1545 Ragnhild, the quality of the udder and the free action of this cows legs places her at the top of the class. Her udder depth is excellent, as are her fore and rear attachments and udder texture. She has good rump angle at the back and a good muzzle at the front. She beats the second cow with her dairy character and smooth fore udder, although second has better teat placement.

2: a: 1610 BEDA, Anders Håkansson, Slommehagen, Brålanda
1610 Beda, this more powerful cow has good udder width and height, parallel rear legs and a strong topline. It is the shallowness of her udder that puts her ahead of the next placed cow.

3: a: 815 HELEN, Luttugården AB/ Viktoria Wahlberg, Soukolojärvi, Övertorneå
815 Helen, this is a lovely dairy cow whose quality begins at her muzzle, her characterful head and continues through her wide body, rump, good leg set and foot angle, all of which allow her to move so freely. She also has a very soft textured udder. This cow looks as if she is capable of a lot of milk.

4: a: 770 ROMA, Kriminalvården Rödjan Mariestad, Mariestad
770 Roma, unfortunately the photography for this cow is not so flattering, putting her at a disadvantage. She shows lovely soft dairy character, correct feet and legs, good width and well textured udder.

5: a: 1017, Familjen Engström, Färanäs Västregård, Vislanda
1017 the fifth placed cow exhibits good foot angle and a bright disposition, but does not show the exemplary dairy character of the cows above her, nor their comfortable movement actions.

Stort grattis till vinnarna! Priser och diplom delas ut på SRB-Föreningens årsstämma i Haparanda den 2 augusti.