Idag presenterar vi resultaten i klassen för förstakalvarna. Nedan redovisas domarens motivering för alla placeringar i klassen. Bilder och filmer på respektive kviga finns under fliken ”Digital utställning”.

1: a: 1427 BRONARA, Klas Johansson, Lommaryds Prästgård, Aneby
1427 Bronara- This well presented young cow possesses a lovely open muzzle and head with plenty of dairy character. She has correct foot angle and leg set, showing easy walking style. Her shoulders fit snuggly into her body which displays good first rib. Her udder is well attached and displays good texture. She does concede a couple of points to the second placegetter in the area of topline strength, rump angle and rear udder height.

2: a: 402 DOLLY, Anders Bengtsson & Cecila Assarsson, Agrells Gård, Varberg
402 Dolly- Second placed cow has a strong topline, carries good body condition and has a good clear eye. She moves freely, with good rump and foot angles, although I would like to see her shoulders fit more easily into her frame. She is superior to the third placed cow with her rear udder height, udder texture and udder capacity.

3: a: 395 MALIN, Anders Bengtsson & Cecila Assarsson, Agrells Gård, Varberg
395 Malin- Third cow has a similar style to the second and is possibly a little better through the shoulder and foot angle. She has good udder fore attachment and is placed over the fourth cow because of her better loin strength, sweep of rib, balanced udder and muzzle width.

4: a: 390 STAVA, Anders Bengtsson & Cecila Assarsson, Agrells Gård, Varberg
390 Stava- Fourth Place cow shows a clean neck and good foot angle, but is not helped by her presentation.

Stort grattis till vinnarna! Priser och diplom delas ut på SRB-Föreningens årsstämma i Haparanda den 2 augusti.